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Christ Centered
Our story

Roseland Day Care was born in 1992 when Pearl Willis was asked to care for the child of her daughters’ friend, who was attending Fenger High school at the time. Within days it grew from one child to 5 in her small apartment. Ms. Pearl saw children raising children. These young moms were relying on the welfare system to make ends meet.  Some of them resorted to quitting school to work, because they could not afford childcare.

The number of moms seeking Pearl’s help expanded rapidly, and they were soon out of space in her apartment. Word spread of Pearl’s work and her loving care for children. At one point she met with the counselor at Fenger High School learning that there were many teenage moms and she offered to help anyone who needed it. Because of the lack of space, Ms. Pearl, the moms and the children began to pray for more room.

Our services
Day Care &

Roseland opens at 6am and closes at 6pm. The children are fed breakfast, lunch and snacks daily. The daycare accepts 8-week-old infants up to 12 year old children. Our children begin their days with praise, worship, prayer, and a time of learning along with arts & crafts. Our preschoolers focus more on reading, math, science, and social studies.

Before & After
School Programs

Roseland Community “Good News” Day Care Center host a Before and After School Program. We work with parents in our community to give children the opportunity to get the assistance they need to improve their academic performance. Our comprehensive services include academic enrichment, homework assistance and bible study. Our children look forward to their spring/ summer vacations, so that they can spend their entire day at the daycare. They know each day will be an adventure!


Our community is seeing GOD’S work firsthand. GOD is rebuilding our community one home at a time. Three drug houses were torn down to build this center. Down the street from our center is a community garden that the children have maintained with the help of volunteers from the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Our Team
Ms. TayTay
Ms. Pearl

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It depends on the age of the mom and how much they are earning. Our services are free for Highschool Moms and 50$ a month for college moms. For low income moms we have a range depending on how much they are making


Q: Are you government funded?

A: No, we are not government funded. We run off donations from the general public.

Q: What classes do you offer?

A: We offer classes in Financial Literacy, Resume Building, Grocery Shopping, Budgeting, and Bible Study.


Q: Can you help me find a job?

A: Yes, we offer support in finding our moms a job.


Q: Do you offer counseling?

A: Yes, we have a licenced psychologist who comes in every week.

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