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  How will you  
make an impact?


Directly see the impact you can make in Roseland through helping us in our outreach programs. Come help us give out clothes to those in need or serve a hot meal to a family. In Spring the children plant vegetables in our community garden to share. They pick and share with all our neighbors and during the fall we have our annual Harvest Festival. We need your help!


If you know how to pick up a brush, we would love to have you come labor with us. Let's rebuild Roseland together. We’re not just building houses; lives are being changed.

Loving on Children

We have a library filled with books. It’s an adventure every time you open a book. It’s exciting to watch the facial expression of a child while bringing the story alive through reading. Children love to be read to.


"My family and our organization bring groups of students to Ms Pearl's daycare that consist of some Christians and some who are not. By bringing students into this environment, the students get to authentically see how we as Christians are called to love and serve the people around us through their interactions with Ms. Pearl on a daily basis and watching her commitment to this community and Christ. The students are able to witness what it means to truly be the hands and feet of God."  ~Ethan

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